martes, 29 de septiembre de 2020

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Welcome to the Web Safe Technologies Project (Meat Sector I).

Project Co-commissioned by Universal Security and Health Chair UdG.

Prepared by members of the Organization Department of Business Management i Product Design at the University of Girona and technical R & D department of Mutua Universal.


The safety and health in all productive sectors in addition to means of their own companies producing a wide range of sectors and providing support for technological and organizational innovation.

The process of selecting the most appropriate technology must incorporate elements of production efficiency, quality, safety and health of workers and respect the environment.

This project aims to help producers in the meat sector and provide information on available technologies and the key elements that can bring the concept of secure technology.

Safe Technology:

"Technology has incorporated into its design process for assessing risks to security, reduction of occupational diseases related to ergonomics and industrial hygiene and provides the user with the development of optimum conditions work and information necessary and sufficient for its selection and its proper use in the production process. "